Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Cold Exposure, the 5th is You


Danielle McCallum is a human that likes to create space for other humans to breathe, move, and connect.

She has been teaching since 2017, and started Five in 2019 to increase the health of as many people as possible. She employs yoga, breathwork, meditation, and cold exposure to lift the mind, body, and soul UP.

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I felt joyous and tired, as if my body, mind and spirit had all been given a workout. I walked across the street and bought lobster breakfast tacos as a kind of celebration. I had made it to three minutes of ice bathing and I was eager to do it again.
Something clicks when your body realizes it can handle more stress than you thought. I made it 120 physically and mentally exhilarating seconds in McCallum’s body-numbing bath, and while I did not emerge looking like a professional model, I did feel ready for anything.
A really cool experience. Really fun to test yourself in such an easy way. There's very few situations where you can put yourself in such an extreme situation so quickly. I feel great right now—the definition of invigorated.
We are learning how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. It's about learning to manage your reaction to very intense situations. It also helps with circulation, with energy, with metabolism and I always find that I sleep much better after practicing.
The goal of this work is to get people into their bodies. That's when you're able to be more fully present. That's when you're the most awake, it's when you're the most clear. It's when you're able to tap into your potential.
Change and stress are a constant in life. The Wim Hof Method provides tools to strengthen your ability to meet those challenges successfully—without losing your peace, your perspective and your sense of humor.

Breathwork & Bodywork

For individuals that would like to exercise and experience their breath in a more personal and therapeutic way. Light bodywork is provided to create space for and encourage the breath.

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Corporate & Private Groups

An energizing and uplifting class for your co-workers or friends—we’ll move, breathe, meditate, and cheer each other on in an ice bath.

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Events & Retreats

Opportunities to practice with us, have fun, and build community. 

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